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We offer the special horse-human relationship to help people reach their goals, develop new skills, and achieve personal growth. 

Our inclusive range of programs cater to individuals, groups, families, and organisations. We work with our clients to create individualised programs based on specific learning goals. 

To book, please email.

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Equine Assisted Psychotherapy 

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy involves session with horses and/or other equines activities to promote health and wellbeing through therapy.


This therapy type is a truly unique approach to therapy that uses horses to elicit emotional responses and make positive life changes. An experienced Equine Therapist uses the positive benefits of the human-horse relationship to investigate emotions. A range of activities such as horse handling, grooming and groundwork are also used to develop skills, improve mental wellbeing and achieve personal goals.

Ages: from 5 years of age upwards welcome

NDIS : we accept self and plan managed participants

 No prior horse experience necessary


Duration: 60 - 120 minute's 

Pony Pals group program 

PONY PALS is our unmounted group Equine Assisted Psychotherapy therapy programs.

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy provides participants a pathway to understanding themselves and the world around them with the assistance of horses. Pony Pals group program incorporate psychosocial & social skill building to deliver a fun nature based program aimed to build confidence, emotional awareness and resilience. Our trained mental wellbeing professionals harness the special intuitive power of the horse-human relationship to empower you.  


Ages:  6-18 years of age

Group size limited to 8 participants. 

NDIS : we accept self and plan managed participants

 No prior horse experience necessary


Duration: 60-120minutes

Duration: 10-week program 

Horse Lovers 101

Equine Assisted Activities (EAA) 

Non-ridden horsemanship* program incorporating wellbeing and alternative learning strategies through the hands-on learning about horses and their care. Horse Lovers 101 aims to promote social engagement and inclusion, self-awareness and emotional regulation, improved health, and wellbeing through developing horsemanship skills. 

Our experienced, trained practitioners will guide you through the fundamentals of caring for a horse.   

·         General safety around horses

·         Equine terminology and vocabulary

·         Walking and leading horses

·         Grooming basics

·         Basic anatomy of horses

·         Common health issues 

·         Nutrition & feeding

·         Equipment for riding and training horses

·         Stable management basics

·         + much more...


The program is designed to lean about yourself as you learn about horses. This encourages greater self-awareness, self-knowledge, self-confidence and resilience. 

This program is offered step wise starting at the beginning for people with no horse knowledge to more to a more advanced program.


• Foundation : Specifically designed for people that love horses but may not have any prior horse experience.

• Horsemanship (Intermediate - Advanced) : This program is designed for those looking to further develop their pre-existing horsemanship skills. It will look at more advanced skills and developing an understanding and bond with horses and tailored to the individuals experience and needs.

Ages:  15 years of age upwards

Individual and Group 

NDIS : we accept self and plan managed participants

 No prior horse experience necessary 


Duration: 60-120minutes

Duration: 10-week program 

​*Horsemanship refers to the general terminology of handling and caring for horses. Our service is LGBTIQ+ friendly. 

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